Haastateltiin Giga Gigolashviliä, 25-vuotiasta joensuulaistunutta georgialaista ja itsenäistä taiteilijaa. Vastailee tässä englanniksi, koska ei osaa suomea juurikaan.

Miten menee? Masentaako kevät?
– It depends a lot, I’m alive so far, which is cool and life’s hard and sometimes it is frustrating. I have financial issues, and a lot of stuff to do. But I have my art which yet has not betrayed me so far, and my loving parents quite still understanding me and rather reliable surrounding of fairly loyal and open people. Which is ok.

I like the part of summer when ladies show their bodies more, it makes my natural instincts go wild and I actually start paying more attention to them and their parts, which distracts a bit. I mean it is cool and shit but it distracts.  The sweating part, man it is irritating I sometimes get those baby rushes, shit. And mosquitoes and ticks and stuff. But it is fine. I like nature.

Missäs muuten ovat taiteellisen / ynnämuun luovan tekemisesi innostuksen kohteet ja taustat?
– My mom and dad, they are both artists and  I grew among it, and I found it easy at some point, and now I know its shit lot of work and effort and all that I better smoke stuff.

I usually get my inspiration from my leisure activities.  As I mentioned above, I like nature and it doesn’t hesitate to like me back. Also I like people who give me possibility to take a look at things from a different angle. This also inspires me a lot.

Entä mitäs olet Kärsämäelle ajatellut tuovasi tai tuottavasi ja miten tämä tukee ennalta ilmoitettua teemaa, ‘ulkopuolisuus’?
– My plans are to come, and see what’s up. I don’t know, if you feel like one then you are one.

Mistä asioista olet itse ihan ulkona ja missä haluaisit vastaavasti olla sitten sisällä?
– Well I’m a foreigner, but I like it here, so, I’m an inside outsider I lack the language though, shame on me. I still have some people whom I hang out with. And I do not consider myself as a social outcast or anything like that, I just have strong opinions about some things which might or might not vary due to some influences which can affect the moment of my being.Well, definitely to those whom I find interesting and who find me interesting and worth communicating. I’m fine with everyone, but I’m better off alone, with a pet and a female companion. Especially when I have what I need for my leisure activities.

Paras kesämuistosi tai useampi?
– I don’t have one particular memory; they all are like nothing extraordinary. But I try to spend quality time so they are all still nice.

Loppuun klassikkokysymys: mikä on lempivärisi?
– I’m fine with Black, red is also ok.

Aika velikulta olet, Giga!





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